Episode 4: I’m Not Afraid of Losing Something Now

Season 1 | Episode 4 | September 21, 2020

Sharon Eldridge

Lost mother and grandmother to cancer

In this episode, Sharon Eldridge tells Jodi-Ann about the history of cancer in her family and its impact on how she sees her own health and mortality. Sharon’s grandmother died from stomach cancer when she was just in her 50s. Sharon’s mother, although she beat breast cancer a decade prior, also lost her life to colon cancer in her 50s. How do we pursue living full lives when we expect cancer to find us along our paths? It just might free you more than you think.This conversation explores the ways the process of understanding who we were when trauma entered our lives and how we can look back on ourselves with grace. Sharon also shares how having the bottom fall out from under you becomes the fuel for living a fearless life — for yourself and others.

Here are Sharon’s listener recommendations:

Post Show Goodies:Jodi-Ann and Sharon talk about Sharon’s mother’s name and it’s connection to #sayhername advocacy for Breonna Taylor and other women of color who’ve been murdered by the police.

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This episode was created during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic and the movement for Black lives.