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Let’s change how we talk about cancer

We have a critical opportunity to elevate cancer stories and amplify Black voices. Black Cancer does just that.

The Black Cancer podcast explores the stories behind the cancer journeys of everyday people of color. Host Jodi-Ann Burey weaves a narrative about race, health and life in a series of in-depth, vulnerable conversations with a guest whose life has been impacted by cancer in some way – cancer survivors, caregivers, gene mutation carriers and loved ones of those this world has lost. Black Cancer aims to redefine the cancer journey as belonging to more than those who are diagnosed. The goal is to normalize tough conversations on cancer and center the cancer narratives of people of color as told by people of color.

We talk about cancer and it’s interconnectedness with our identity and experiences as people of color. We laugh. We cry. We give advice. We offer our stories to heal. These conversations bring people together. This honesty and vulnerability helps us know that we are not alone.

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