Episode 2: In Defiance of Pain

Season 1 | Episode 2 | September 8, 2020

Yejin Lee

Lost her mother to breast cancer

In this episode, Yejin Lee tells Jodi-Ann about her mother and losing her to breast cancer during her first undergraduate year at Boston College (where Jodi-Ann and Yejin met) and its impact on her then and now. 

This conversation hits on hard lessons about how we, as women of color relate to our bodies as we process pain. We explore the blessing and the curse that is our strength, our embodied expectation to be strong, and what it takes to heal. We talk about the 2020 movement for Black lives, the tools we use to grieve, and the power of our voices to survive. 

You can find Yejin at yejinlee.co. She is an equity informed career coach and non-profit organizational consultant.

Post Show Goodies: Jodi-Ann asks Yejin about her mother’s name.

Here are Yejin’s listener recommendations:

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This episode was created during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic and the movement for Black lives.